We offer varieties of products for our customers. These products are designed to meet the current needs of our customers. Here are the products we offer.

Heds Virtual Machine


We offer simple and affordable range of virtual machines. Our package includes replicated DNS service, web control panel, telephone and email support, etc. The size of RAM, archive disc space and SSD disc space depends on which package you choose. Our package starts from $10 a month.

Heds Cloud Servers


Cloud computing service provides huge benefits in terms of cost effectiveness and efficiency. We provide cloud servers that are reliable and provide high performance. It will help you to scale your business easily whenever needed. Deployment of our cloud server is easy and there are many hardware options available.

Heds VPS


Our VPS hosting includes free server management, live-state snapshots, free cPanel license, and many more. It provides high availability, security and optimum performance.

Heds Virtual Applications


We have lots of applications in our platform that you can run within a very short time. All you need to do is just select the application, launch it and start using it. You only have to pay for the resources you use. It has a user friendly interface, as a result, you don’t have to be dependent on external contractors.

Our team can help you decide what kind of product will best suit your business needs. For all our products we provide you full support. Your business can move forward with the help of our products.