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What are the 3 best virtual machine programs on the market?


Virtual machines are now very commonly used in businesses. Modern computers can run operating systems within your main operating systems because of virtual machines. For example, you primary OS can be Windows 7 64-bit. You can run OS X and Ubuntu also within it. Virtual machines have huge prospects. Here are the 3 best virtual machine programs available today.



It can run on Windows, Mac and Linux. It provides cross platform support for free. It has various features. Virtual machine parameters and descriptions are stored in plain-text XML files. This allows easy folder sharing. It is user friendly and allows you to install software of the virtual machine.



This is mostly popular for its Mac version; but it also supports Windows and Linux. You can get this application for only $79.99. It provides features such as synchronization, clipboard sharing, shared folders, peripheral support, transparent printer, and many more.



This comes as VMware Player and VMware Workstation. The VMware Player is free and is for users who need to create and run virtual machines. It allows easy virtual machine creation, driver-less guest OS printing, hardware optimization, etc. VMWare Workstation provides the basic features of VMware Player, as well as advanced features like cloning machines, taking multiple snapshots of guest OS, etc. The premium package will cost you $189.

Virtualization offers many benefits. It provides increased utilization, server consolidation and faster recovery times in case of failure. These virtual applications provide advanced features that help businesses to be more efficient.