4 things you should know about Cloud Hosting


Cloud computing is a cost-effective solution for small businesses. Because of cloud, website hosting, email services, online storage, etc. has become very easy. If you have decided to go for cloud hosting for your business, then you should know the following.

Cloud infrastructures

Security is a crucial issue for online users. There is a misconception that cloud services don’t have any security measures to keep data safe. In reality, cloud providers provide a number of security measures including layered security, antivirus protection, etc. It is actually better for small businesses to have cloud hosting as having an IT department to look after online security threats can be expensive. Large cloud-based services constantly install and update their security features; so, you don’t need to install it yourself.


Encryption is used for data in transition. It is used for data in transition and is kept from anyone seeing it as it travels through the internet. But it can be applied to data that is idle; it can be encrypted on a storage drive. Cloud service having encryption abilities doesn’t mean that it is going to be the right choice for you. You should look at the security measures that a cloud infrastructure implements when choosing your cloud hosting, instead of the encryption capability.

Data security

The responsibility for protecting data lies on the user, no matter how secure your cloud system is. You should have verification mechanisms for devices that are used to access the cloud. You should backup your files regularly.

Technical difficulties

Cloud based solutions do have technical difficulties. For example, server failures occur due to corrupted files, or cloud services may fail because of hacking. You shouldn’t only depend on cloud for data storage. So, you should keep backups.

With the encryption technology advancing, more companies are adopting cloud technology for their businesses. It is a very cost effective solution for small businesses.