4 reasons to avoid buying cheap servers?


When you choose a web host, avoid getting a cheap server. When choosing a server you should keep a number of things in mind including average uptime of the host, speed and supported software, technical skills of the support, the cost, etc. You may feel the urge to go for cheap hosting, but you should refrain yourself from doing it for a number of reasons.

1. Resource limitations

Cheap web hosts will try to accommodate as many users as possible into the servers. So, the amount of resource available to each user will be very less. In such case, the database server will be overloaded and so its performance will decrease.

2. Little backup

A good hosting company takes regular backups of the website and retains them up to 30 days. It is very unlikely that cheap host companies take regular backups. If they provide backup, the space will be limited and the retainment period of the backup will be low.

3. Unskilled technicians

You need skilled server admins to maintain the servers. Skilled technicians are very expensive. So, the technicians that cheap hosting companies provide are not very skilled or experienced. There will be downtimes and many of your problems probably won’t be solved because of inexperienced server admins.

4. Poor security

Cheap host providers have poor security measures. They have lack of malware protection and basic firewalls. Hackers can easily find loopholes in your server and attack your sites. They can also inject a malicious code into your system. As a result, the SEO ranking of your website will go down.

Because of all these negative consequences of cheap server, you should avoid using them. By saving money in cheap servers, you will lose huge amount of money in the long run. Don’t risk your website’s reputation by using cheap servers.